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Here you can find all RV parks of the province of Limburg in alphabetical order.
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Alken - Sporthal De Alk (3570) - Limburg
Straat: Koutermanstraat
Bilzen - Brandweer (3740) - Limburg
Straat: Tweevoetjesweg
Bilzen - Lanakerdij (3740) - Limburg - Parking and staying overnight allowed - 2 places
Straat: Lanakerdij
Parking in front of the fire brigade.
Bocholt - marina Heuvelzicht (3950) - Limburg - Parking and staying overnight allowed - 7 places
Straat: Schipperstraat
Parking at harbor "Heuvelzicht". Along the Zuid Willemsvaart.
Service at the port available after payment.
Bree - Opitter (3960) - Limburg
Straat: Pater Neyenslaan
Parking next to the church Saint-Trudo.
Bree - Tongerlo - Keyartstraat (3960) - Limburg
Straat: Keyaertstraat 2
Motorhome Parking "De Kieper".
Diepenbeek - Demerstrand (3590) - Limburg - Parking and staying overnight allowed - 4 places
Straat: Stationsstraat 27
Dilsen-Stokkem - De Wissen (3650) - Limburg
Straat: Weg Boyen
Parking at the Tourist office "De Wissen".
Genk - Kattevennen (3600) - Limburg - Parking and staying overnight allowed - 7 places
RV park in wooded area Footpaths Bike trails The Europlanetarium Straat: Kattevennen
Parking at Domain Kattevennen.
Close to Euro Planetarium and gateway to National Park Hoge Kempen.
Beautiful playground.
Small restaurant on a distance of 200 meters.
Hamont-Achel - Hamont - Kerkplein (3930) - Limburg
Straat: Kerkplein
Parking next to the church.
Hamont-Achel - Hamont - Tennis (3930) - Limburg
Straat: Sleutjes
Large parking in the center.
Hasselt - Japanese Garden (3500) - Limburg
Straat: Gouverneur Verwilghensingel
Parking nearby the Japanese Garden.
Hasselt - marina (3500) - Limburg
Straat: Kempische Kaai
Parking at the marina.
Also at Slachthuiskaai.
Hasselt - Sport hall Alverberg (3500) - Limburg
Straat: Herkenrodesingel 33
Bus stop, free bus to center.
Hechtel-Eksel - cultural centre De Schans (3940) - Limburg
Straat: Rode Kruisplein 10
Parking at the cultural center De Schans.
Hechtel-Eksel - Don Boscostraat (3940) - Limburg
Straat: Don Boscostraat
Parking in front of town hall.
Hechtel-Eksel - In Den Brand (3940) - Limburg
Straat: Kamertstraat
Parking at dunes area "In Den Brand".
Hechtel-Eksel - Pijnven (3940) - Limburg
Wooded Area Straat: Kiefhoekstraat / Eindhovensebaan
Parking at Bosmuseum Pijnven.
Herk-de-Stad - Kampeerautoterrein Olmenhof (3540) - Limburg - Free parking and staying overnight - 6 places
Straat: Pikkeleerstraat 14
Parking at football field.
Heusden-Zolder - Bolderberg - Domein Bovy (3350) - Limburg
Straat: Galgeneinde 22
Parking Domain Bovy.
More info related to the village on
Heusden-Zolder - Bolderberg - Sint-Jobstraat (3550) - Limburg
Straat: Sint-Jobstraat
Parking at the church.
Hoeselt - Nolleke's Winning (3732) - Limburg
Straat: Schalkhovenstraat 79
Kortessem - Sport hall (3720) - Limburg
Straat: Kapittelstraat
Parking between sports hall and church square.
Lanaken - cultural centre (3620) - Limburg
Straat: Aan de Engelse Hof 10
Lanaken - Henri Dunantstraat (3620) - Limburg
Straat: Bessemerstraat / Henri Dunantstraat
Parking at crossroads Bessemerstraat and Henri Dunantstraat.
Lanaken - Rekem - Kanaal (3621) - Limburg
Straat: Kanaal
Along the canal.
It is said that Rekem is the most beautiful village of Flanders.
Leopoldsburg - De Lido (3970) - Limburg
Straat: Lidostraat 171
Leopoldsburg - marina (3970) - Limburg
Straat: Antwerpsesteenweg 129
Leopoldsburg - Strooiendorp (3970) - Limburg
Straat: Rode Kruisstraat
Parking behind the church "Strooiendorp" on the playground of the old boys' school. "Strooiendorp" is a district in Leopoldsburg.
Lommel - marina De Meerpaal (3920) - Limburg - Parking and staying overnight allowed - 8 places
Straat: Boskantstraat 60
Parking at the tavern "De Meerpaal" near the marina "De Meerpaal".
Maaseik - Neeroeteren - cultural centre "De Borg" (3680) - Limburg
Straat: Borglaan
Parking at the cultural center Neeroeteren.
Maaseik - Sportlaan (3680) - Limburg
Straat: Sportlaan
Parking behind swimming pool and sports hall.
Meeuwen-Gruitrode - cultural centre Gruitrode (3670) - Limburg
Straat: Royerplein 1
Parking at the cultural center Gruitrode.
Neerpelt - Marina Welvaart (3910) - Limburg - Parking and staying overnight allowed - 10 places
Spacious RV park Straat: Jaak Tassetstraat
Parking at port "Welvaart".
Length of stay is controlled by the police.
Peer - Noordervest (3990) - Limburg
Straat: Noordervest
Parking near the center. It is possible to stay overnight on different places. There is no place for service.
In group, ask written permission to the city Peer, Zuidervest 2a, 3990 Peer.
Riemst - Kanne - marl caves Averat (3770) - Limburg
Straat: Avergat 14
Parking nearby marl caves Averat.
Sint-Truiden - Scouts (3800) - Limburg - Parking and staying overnight tolerated
Straat: Hasseltsesteenweg
Tongeren - sports centre De Motten (3700) - Limburg
Straat: Kastanjewal
In sports and recreation park "De Motten".
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